Day Trip to Olomouc

A trip to Olomouc, Czech Republic was the perfect way to break the monotony of the week. The four of us got into the rental car having stocked up on Paluszki (salty pretzels), croissants, water and juice. We began the 3 hour journey, our excitement so loud it could be mistaken for the journey of a lifetime.

On the way, between the singing of old pop songs, we chatted and debated amicably. We made our first stop in the small town of Ostrava, finding a French café where we enjoyed waffles and coffee. We exchanged a few French words with the waitress and thanked her for the pleasant surprise. But walking the streets of Ostrava, we found it so quiet that we entered our Batmobile once more and were on our way.

Olomouc was charming, small. The main square was deserted and even the fountain was on holiday. We walked around empty streets, looking up at colourful buildings, not unlike Kraków at all, but Kraków is never empty. We were directed towards a restaurant with an entrance so unassuming that have we not been told it was there, we would have walked passed. We ordered the best gulasz ever made by men; thick rich sauce, tender meat and egg noodles. Also in front of us were bread and sausage, potatoes and pickled cabbage stuffed in spicy peppers. We savored the food following each mouthful with a sip of Czech homebrew.

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