This is the last of the Ode to Birmingham. My tentative at a quirky Top 5 article ends here with the remaining 3. Read on!

The Post Office. It needs to be said that The Post Office has absolutely no atmosphere. The place is lit up by neon lights giving you a horrible complexion, it is tiny and without any sort of decor. The walls are pasty white, the place is in a basement and I am sure it has these tiny half-windows. The only entertainment is the lonely table of snooker. Basically, it is best to come in good company. The reason I am writing about it at all is this; the beautiful selection of Belgian beers, shiny and pretty behind their amazingly artistic etiquettes and all out of reach in padlocked fridges. You can peruse the wonderful choices in catalogues set on the bar and guarded by the unwelcoming smile of the young bartender. Be aware that the entrance to the bar is on New Street and is easily overlooked. It is so unnoticeable that it is a possibility it just appears to the eyes of the worthy. Who knows?

After beer comes hunger. The Sun on the Hill has some of the best pub food I’ve had in my time in the UK. As it is an independent pub, we get away from the chewy, plastic-textured food most of the chains - Wetherspoons - serve and it gives back to English food some of its glory. The sensation of greasy fingers wrapped around a pint of ale while you wipe away that extra bit of juicy burger that didn’t quite make it into your mouth but sort of just hung out on your cheek whilst looking sadly at your empty plate and knowing that you are full but could kill for more...that sensation is indescribable and pretty great.

The number 6 to my Top 5; The Electric Cinema. I first went to the Electric on Halloween night to watch “The Shining” because my friend declared it a classic and was trying to fill in the holes in my cinematographic knowledge. The Electric is Birmingham’s oldest cinema with only two viewing rooms. Cakes and themed-cocktails replace the usual popcorn and soda combo. I had a Redrum served in a martini glass which I gulped down upon sitting because horror movies make me jump and no one likes having drinks dropped on them. The best part about coming to this cinema is the viewings of old films. Although it also does blockbusters, I personally favor going to see old time classics, even if it means a snoring boyfriend during "The Gremlins".

Will you give Brum a chance now?


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