As a sequel to last week's promise of a Top 5, today we get recommendation number 2 and recommendation number 3. Read on.

A favorite thing in England is the pub culture. The British embrace the fact that they love beer. Pubs are at every corner, inviting thee to indulge in ale and a possible fish n' chips. For the first but -unfortunately- not the second, there exists The Wellington! With its unassuming air, you wouldn't expect to walk through its doors and discover a buoyant crowd of all ages pressed against the bar hoping to place an order. Specializing in ales of all types - light ones, cloudy ones, red ones, dark ones, darker ones, bitter ones, sweet ones - here is the true definition of the English pub. Being often packed, people hide in every corner, leaning against any bit of protruding furniture. Anyway, it's better to enjoy the ale standing - makes it quicker to get to the bar.

A slightly different ambiance but no less exciting is The Spotted Dog. This one lets its guests stay as long as they are having fun even if it means the sun starts shining. The atmosphere here is cozy and traditionally pubby and there is a big beer garden out back where you might surprise a cheeky grill going on. Often the venue for live music, the Spotted Dog is just always worth a trip. My roomates and I used to attend jazz nights. Without any musical talent myself, I remain convinced that those who have the skill have a unique chance of reaching a totally different dimension we common people don’t have access to - I have a spiritual side. So I went and sat listening to young jazz musicians, watching their faces full of satisfaction as their fingers moved tirelessly over brass or string instruments.


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