I am not a fan of TOP 5 articles. I always thought they sort of missed the point in giving a true outlook of local life. But then, thinking on, I confess that they are a good starting point to a more thorough investigation - only fools never change. This is why I've decided to give a detailed Top 5, so detailed it is really a Top 6, of worthwhile places in Birmingham - this mostly includes food and drinks because those are 2 of my 3 reasons for living. These quirky recommendations have the only goal of making you discover Birmingham, my second home on this earth.

Admittedly, Birmingham is not a beautiful city. It’s a bit gray. Its people look like they dried out in the sun. My dad once compared them to old sailors. You’d easily give them an eye patch and some wooden legs. They’ve also got this special Brummy accent, which took some time for me to decipher. I learned that when people came up to the bar with the greeting “y’all rrright”, said with a nicely rolled “r”, it wasn’t to be mistaken for genuine interest in my wellbeing. It just means hello and you should reply with something equally neutral then proceed in pouring them the beverage of their choice. You learn a lot about culture when you work behind a bar.

Now on to recommeding things: the first place to hit this week is Village Café. The prospect of food being always exciting, whenever I had visitors in Brum I would rush us to Village Café to share some Asian delicacies. Granted, you will walk in and you will be skeptical - stop thinking now! Sit. Order.

There is nothing fancy about Village Café. Pink and yellow cafeteria-style tables are laid out in a tiny space that can sit about 20. The menu is huge; one of those types with 20 pages stuck behind plastic protectors. You can peruse and peruse forever but just point your finger at something because there is no other way to do it. Truly everything is good! The servers even write the order in Mandarin, which makes it a cool thing to keep and frame - I didn’t do it but it did cross my mind. The best way to eat the food is to choose loads of different dishes to get the most taste-bud pleasure and, also, to give the chopsticks a go. Nothing quite fulfills the Asian restaurant experience like dropping a few veggies on the table then dragging them around a bit more while trying to master the chopsticks to then finally give up and grabbing them with your fingers daring anyone to say you are a rubbish chopstick-eater.



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