After traveling for 3 months non-stop and having a pretty busy travelling year seeing sights and views, I have to admit I was becoming pretty indifferent to it all. I felt I had seen everything. When in Florence, I was thoroughly unimpressed by the food. I did love the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore but I did not want to climb the hill and overlook the city. I thought the Eiffel Tower to be disappointing, Stonehenge to be sadly sandwiched between two concrete roads instead of being found in the middle of enchanting woods, and I was soon to find the Coliseum unremarkable. I needed a break to regain my sense of amazement.

This is why I recall seeing the Tower of Pisa so distinctly. I remember my amazement to be absolutely genuine when I realized that the Leaning Tower of Pisa is actually leaning. I remember my words clearly expressing this feeling of awe:

“My god! It. Is. Actually. Leaning. I’m so happy.”

Words of the wise I tell ya.

Its being known is not its fault, simply a miscalculation, but it takes it well.

Pisa wasn’t the plan. We caught the train to go to Cinque Terre and thought we’d make a quick stop here and see its famous angled attraction. Turns out it was my breath of fresh air.

Pisa, apart from the Tower area, is calm and humble. The yellow painted houses line the street leading the way to the Canal. At the site, everyone is taking the familiar tourist photo; the one holding the Tower up. Even this doesn’t bother me. It is part of the scenery. After seeing so many sights stuck behind queues of people and main arteries, the Tower is nice and unassuming. It is a bit of architectural modesty in Italy’s grandeur. Its being known is not its fault, simply a miscalculation, but it takes it well. It stays unpretentious under the flashes. It is an elegant, if somewhat stooped, lady.

I sat nearby contemplating the Tower’s angle and wondering how on earth it doesn’t collapse. It is simple. The Leaning Tower of Pisa is a warrior, a survivor. It will battle to the end. And this, my friends, demands respect!


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