There’s something about being somewhere where the language is foreign to your ears. It sounds like music, like a song you can never remember the words to. It makes you feel massively inadequate and leaves you with a blasting headache. All the simple tasks have become that much harder, from asking for eggs at the shop to asking for a shoe size to finding out how to get bus tickets. Hence, for a while you hide under your wall of shyness until the day comes where the only bit of your shoes that is still intact are the shoelaces. So you start talking some gibberish you hope someone will understand. Your mind sharpens. It also makes you tired. At the end of everyday your brain hurts from too much assimilating. It keeps you alive.

Kraków is the cultural center of Poland, to me anyway. You’ll walk into inner courtyards to discover hidden cafes and retro bars. You’ll slowly pick out a few favorite spots. You’ll sit on your 5 story-high windowsill with darkness and music at your back, sometimes happy about the choices you’ve made. You’ll ruffle Wilfrid’s basil leaves thinking of chucking him into some scrambled eggs in the morning and that makes you feel content. Other times, you’ll sit wondering how this beautiful city is making you feel utterly alone. You won’t know towards which sentiment to focus so you’ll simply stay in the gray zone.

You’ll sit on your 5 story-high windowsill with darkness and music at your back, sometimes happy about the choices you’ve made.

Kraków has become a place of questions. It has also brought some answers. It has become a turning point but it’s difficult to follow the path you have chosen. You are scared. This city has brought you confusion and clearness all at the same time. It’s given you opportunities, the ones you’ve made for yourself but also the ones you realized you’ve got no bloody interest in.

Here is a place you haven’t visited. From the start, it was a place you lived in. You walked through its main square and seen its impressive churches. You haven’t managed the walking tours or museums after a year of living here. You might be an embarrassment to expatriation. You really know nothing of your new home. You did go outside the castle once though. Maybe you haven’t been giving it a fair chance. You reevaluate all the things you’ve done and all the ones you’ve passed.

Kraków will make you grow, it will. But just not today. Today you’re still as unwise and stupid as yesterday.


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