I’ve only ever known a busy Berlin. I came here to visit friends, for festivals, for music and art. This time though, I had 24 hours to spend here before my flight to Bangkok; a flight you’d think would fill me excitement. For some reason, that wasn’t the case. It filled me with despair.

Quiet, cold Berlin at 5AM mirrored my own feelings of solitude. I walked the deserted streets and towards a hostel, hoping that a kind receptionist would read my unspoken words and let me go to bed. He didn’t. However, I was allowed a couch and warmth. My idea of sleeping at the airport slowly crumbled at the thought of uneasy sleep and so I booked a room that I couldn’t access for another 8 hours. I left my bag behind and strolled in a newly risen sun.

Empty streets gave me a new perspective of the city. With nothing in front of me, I followed a friend’s advice that once told me that to make a walk more interesting you should look up. I walked with my eyes staring high. Often derelict and dirty Berlin presented itself pleasantly against a blue sky. Chic architecture details that had once gone unnoticed were now visible.

I remember feeling my fingers go numb from the cold and so, as I wrap my fingers around a not-so-bad cup of coffee, my spirits are slightly lifted.


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I write stuff for fun, if it was for a living I would be homeless.

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There is nothing safer than flying – it’s crashing that is dangerous. Theo Cowan